KAC Art on Fourth-2 webIn 2006, the City of Ketchum formed the Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency (KURA) to focus on downtown revitalization, community housing and public and private investments.  It is an independent organization with its own budget, by-laws and Board of Commissioners.  The agency’s activity and investment decisions are driven by an Urban Renewal Plan, which was adopted by the City Council in 2006 and amended in 2010.  Its initiatives are focused exclusively on areas within Ketchum that have been identified as those that would benefit most by public investment.

For any questions regarding the Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency, please call 208-727-9084.  The application for any KURA Funding request is linked below:

Application for KURA Funding


KURA meetings can now be viewed live by clicking here.


The recent upturn in the economy has positively affected property values in the KURA district, which has resulted in an increase in KURA’s income and an ability to pursue new projects.  In the Fiscal Year 2015-16 budget, the KURA allocated funding towards exciting public infrastructure projects.  Below are a few highlights:

  • $354,578 allocated for new sidewalks in Ketchum
  • $90,625 dedicated to park improvements at Guy Coles Skate Park
  • $222,600 identified for Economic Development projects within the RAA
  • $74,200 set aside for paying back in-lieu of housing funds

In addition to the items above, the KURA finalized its first Owner Participation Agreement with Limelight Ketchum LLC to reimburse up to $1,500,000 of qualifying public infrastructure expenses back to the developer, resulting in more jobs and a stronger economy in Ketchum.

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