How much money in property taxes has the KURA collected since its inception, and what has it been used for?

The vast majority of the funds have been used to service the debt, as well as to build up a separate fund dedicated to future debt repayment (which was recently fully funded).  Other projects include:

  • Investment in the development of the Fourth Street Heritage Corridor.
  • Investment in the Walkable Ketchum project.
  • Initial funding for the new Ketchum Transportation Center.
  • Purchase and improvements to the Visitors Center building at 491 Sun Valley Road (at East Avenue).
  • Purchase of property at 211 E. First Street for community housing.  That property is now under contract to be exchanged for a larger site at 611-691 Second Ave. that is more conducive to community housing.
  • Investments in the development of the Downtown Master Plan and the 2010 Urban Renewal Plan

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