Capital Projects

Fourth Street Heritage Corridor Project

Fourth Street Heritage CorridorThe Fourth Street Heritage Corridor Project is a multi-phase streetscape renovation designed to increase street life through wider sidewalks, outdoor seating, landscaping, and public art.  The KURA paid for 46% of this $2,198,600 Fourth Street Heritage Project.  Two phases of the project are complete totaling five blocks from the Community Library at Spruce Avenue across Main Street to the corner of First Street.  The final phase of the project would add three additional blocks, creating a unified streetscape from the Library southwest to the Ketchum Post Office.


The Walkable Ketchum Project: Making Ketchum More Pedestrian Friendly

Improving infrastructure within the KURA district is a priority, as doing so enhances the opportunities for economic development and additional private investment.  The goal of this project, spearheaded by the KCDC, is to address issues of wayfinding and signage; infrastructure; and ongoing public policies and maintenance related to walkability.  The initial phase, now fully implemented, includes directional and locational signage for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, as well as nine solar streetlights in the downtown core to significantly increase safety.  The KURA invested $111,500 in this project’s first phase for the development and installation of wayfinding signage and solar streetlights throughout the city.

Ketchum Transportation Center

The KURA provided initial funding of $50,000 in FY2013 to help ensure Mountain Rides received a federal government grant to design and construct a centrally-located transit hub in downtown Ketchum.  An additional $50,000 has been committed to the project in the current year’s budget.

The KURA views the transportation center as important to enhancing mobility and making the downtown core more pedestrian and retail-friendly.  Increasing the number of bus riders also reduces traffic congestion and lessens the demand on parking.  Based on comparable initiatives at other resort towns, Mountain Rides, which operates Ketchum’s bus system and is leading the effort to create a transportation hub, estimates that such a facility would increase ridership by 20 percent.



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