The Redevelopment Association of Idaho, Inc. (RAI) is composed of urban renewal/redevelopment agencies and affiliated organizations from across the state of Idaho.  The Association was incorporated in 2010 with by-laws and other formal organizational activities taking place in 2011 with the following objectives:

  • To create a forum to facilitate communication between and among Idaho redevelopment practitioners and to facilitate compliance with applicable state law and regulation;
  • To collect and organize useful information to facilitate public understanding of urban renewal activities and practices in the state;
  • To facilitate effective public policy making by engaging legislators, public officials, and other constituencies in the drafting or amendment of urban renewal laws and regulation;
  • To improve accountability and advance the effectiveness of the redevelopment tool through the proper formation and management of urban renewal agencies throughout the state.

Currently, over twenty-eight of the 42 urban renewal/redevelopment agencies from across the state are members.  The cities range in size from Driggs (population 1,666) to Boise (population 205,671) and represent almost 50% of Idaho’s total population.  In addition, there are currently eight affiliate members; organizations that support and participate in urban renewal activities.

RAI is a volunteer-driven association with members taking an active role in managing the association, providing information to members, and recommending actions for legislative activities.

RAI Code of Ethics

Improving Infrastructure, Spurring Private Investment and Creating Jobs in Idaho

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