Mission and Vision

The mission of the Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency is straightforward: to implement the projects identified in the Ketchum Urban Renewal Plan, which is developed and adopted by the Ketchum City Council.  All urban renewal agencies in Idaho (and many throughout the country) have missions similar to the KURA, thus ensuring that their work is coordinated with the planning priorities developed by their local governments.

The program outlined in the Ketchum Urban Renewal Plan emphasizes public improvements and facilities that may enable:

  • affordable workforce housing.
  • improvements to streets, sidewalks and other public infrastructure.
  • assembly of land into parcels suitable for development.
  • an improved environment for economic development and public/private partnerships.
  • elimination of unsanitary and unsafe conditions.
  • parking lots/structures.
  • other improvements that would strengthen the tax base and encourage private development.


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