Board and Staff

The Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency is governed by seven commissioners – three Ketchum City Council members and four additional members from the community.  This mix of elected and non-elected officials is relatively common within urban renewal agencies around the country.  Today, the Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency Commissioners include:

As a relatively new and small organization, the amount of work undertaken by the current Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency does not require full-time dedicated staff.  Instead, the KURA contracts on a part-time basis with several City of Ketchum employees to oversee its projects and administrative duties.  Over time, the workload will likely require the hiring of dedicated staff.  Currently, those working for the KURA include:

  • Executive Director, Suzanne Frick
  • Planning and Building Director, Micah Austin
  • KURA Attorney, Ryan Armbruster
  • Secretary, Robin Crotty
  • Finance Director, Grant Gager
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