Board and Staff

The Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency is governed by seven commissioners – two Ketchum City Council members and five additional members from the community.  This mix of elected and non-elected officials is relatively common within urban renewal agencies around the country.  Today, the Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency Commissioners include:

  • Commissioner Amanda Breen
  • Commissioner Kristen Spachman
  • Commissioner A. Cameron Packer
  • Commissioner Susan Scovell
  • Commissioner Jim Slanetz
  • Commissioner Ed Johnson
  • Commissioner Casey Dove

As a relatively small organization, the KURA utilizes several City of Ketchum employees to oversee its projects and administrative duties.  Currently, those working for the KURA include:

  • Executive Director, Suzanne Frick
  • KURA Attorney, Ryan Armbruster
  • Secretary, Robin Crotty
  • Finance Director, Grant Gager
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